We offer a wide range of support services and events for multiple parents and caregivers, including a supportive Facebook community and playgroups that are also open to non-members.

Financial members can access a wide range of other benefits, including those listed below:

Antenatal sessions & booklets

Free Huggies nappies

Events for the whole family

Access to hire equipment

Local and national discounts

​Monthly online newsletter

Please visit the page for New & Expectant Parents to find out more about antenatal sessions, booklets, and free nappies, 

Events and playgroup information can be found at the What's On page.

Further information about hire equipment and discounts, the newsletter archive, and contact details for our large support team (see below), is available in the Members' Area only.

Support Network

The committee includes several support roles for a wide range of needs, contact details for each can be found in the Members' Area

This is a tough journey; reach out when you need to. 

We also have a crisis fund to assist families in serious need.

NICU Liaison

Single Parents

Post-natal Depression


Young Parents

Special Needs

Members of Multiples Canterbury are also affiliate members of Multiples NZ, which has a national Facebook community and several additional support groups, such as Triplets Plus, Rural & Isolated families, School-aged Multiples, and Multiple Sets of Multiples. 

How much does it cost?



If Facebook and playgroups is all you need, membership is not necessary. However you will miss out on some pretty awesome discounts and events.



New and expectant parents can attend all club events are entitled to additional resources, such as free antenatal classes and specialist booklets ($5 each if bought separately) produced by Multiples NZ.

Are you expecting multiples?

2nd - 4th YEAR


These are the years when our playgroups and under 5s events come into their own, as well as Q&A sessions for those "tearing your hair out" issues. 



We really appreciate our "graduate" members and arrange several over 5s events each year, like movie nights and the disco, as well as parent-only events.

Membership fees can be waived under special circumstances. Please contact our President if you wish to discuss this option.